son image d’eux (1999)



Anna and Leo, a  young couple, from Geneva are much too happy with their love for each other, not to fear  it might go away one day. Sensing that love can’t last forever  they try to keep traces of their amazing  situation with the help of a video camera.

They get the opportunity to go to New-York: A girl-friend lets them stay in her empty flat for a few weeks. Because they are not “alone” in Geneva, they choose to go for the New-York occasion,  hoping that they will be able to concentrate on their love even more. But the city is what it is, full of surprises and pitfalls. And as they become  involved  in things they didn’t  plan,  the story evolves into a mystery drama…

..The production of the movie got stuck shortly before shooting. The project has been on hold since.

location book (by Tom Jarmusch)

script by Igor Bauersima & Réjane Desvignes