by Igor Bauersima & Malou Meyenhofer

«Swapping “likes” for ideals makes a joke decide between life and death.»

The play is set in a world where fast interactions on social media such as facebook, twitter and snapchat turn people simultaneously into echo-chamber multiplicators, revolutionaries and detectives, constantly fueling and uncovering a scandalously obscene world of manipulation, violence, intrigue and false news.

A case of mistaken identity on social media lands Marvin, the betrayed misanthropic partner of a famous songstress, into the middle of a deadly conspiracy woven by the country’s powers that be. What is he to Jack, a reality TV producer, Jane, a mysterious girl on the run, Estelle, a beautiful journalist, Neil, a resourceful publicist as well as the highest ranks in politics? Marvin has to hatch his own ingenious plot to discover who’s who, get them before they get him and eventually find peace in the world he’s living in.

Complicated! is a play noir, a reverence to the movie genre of the same name, combining theater and dance in a spectacular mix. Dance, music, stage and story are in a constantly shifting dialogue. They reflect each other, contradict, emphasize, mislead, multiply, move and merge into a live experience that defies categorization. The choreography draws inspiration from all of dance history, ballet, jazz, contemporary and urban, yet asserts itself as an exciting new whole in effortless fashion. The same goes for the music, an eclectic collage that does away with all stylistic borders to create a vibrant, dark and pulsating world full of unexpected twists – just as the plot demands.

With  Guy Major, Martin Kaufmann, Juliette Rahon, Marie Alexis, Kilian Haselbeck

Author – Scenographer Igor Bauersima, Director – Choreographer – Author: Malou Meyenhofer